Some quick 2011 analysis...

Couple items to note: Quickie graphic through 04.29.2011 to show how 2011 Lower Shore creel is shaping up against 2010. The data displayed are all weekly averages. (Update - All the prior graphics are day by day updates. What you see below are weekly averages and are a better way to make year to year comparisons. We just haven't had enough data to work with until now).

Last year was a bit of an oddball simply because of how early things started. 2011 is beginning to be an oddball due to the wild daily swings in temps and flows we are getting. It's certainly affecting fishing success. Lots of hard-slogging days...

Keep in mind too that there is a threshold discharge which limits (or ceases) upstream movement of steelhead and presumably kamloops. It doesn't mean fish aren't there or that it's futile fishing, it just means the fish are hunkered down and you need to change tactics. This halt only lasts until flows drop below that particular level, and on the Knife it corresponds to roughly 500cfs. I'd be interested to find out if there is a universal North Shore constant in there somewhere with regards to current speed (in mph) as a limiting factor on upstream movement. (Second update - I spooled the March-April flow data but here's the big caveat: There were some significant ice-dams on the Knife prior to the gauge going live. The first ice-dam is noted on the graphic, but it's hard to say how much the later spike is ice-affected. The flow based on gauge readings was off the charts, and I can only say the flow rates were ice affected. This is partly why the USGS doesn't display flow during the winter months and is a whole other technical argument. At any rate, take the flow rate prior to ice-out with a grain of salt).

Anyway, enough nerdliness, here's the latest graphic. If I were an artiste I would entitle it: "Crayola on Crack". Enjoy!


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