Latest 2011 Spring Run Numbers

Latest Lower, Middle & Upper Shore creel numbers along with the latest Knife & French Weir/Trap numbers. Please note that some scale normalization has taken place to accommodate the different temperature & capture scales. Where you see an XXX/10 in a legend it means original number was divided by 10. To get the actual you'll need to multiply. Where you see a XXX*10 the original number was multiplied by ten so you'll need to divide.

One additional note: The Upper Shore numbers seem low, but they are always low because there are simply less people to interview (less people fishing) than on the Lower/Mid Shores. So it's an artificial low if you follow that logic, not necessarily low numbers of fish. Also, the trap numbers are capture numbers by date, not total numbers (Click for Larger Images):

Lower Shore Creel:

Mid Shore Creel:

Upper Shore Creel:

Knife River Trap:

French River Trap:


zinger said…
so on the trap numbers, that is how many fish per day? you need to add the respective days up to geta total?

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