Fishing Report - 4-25-11

DNR - North Shore Stream Report 4/25/11:
From 4/22 through 4/24, water temperatures ranged from 37 to 41 in the morning and 39 to 45 in the afternoon on the Lower and Middle Shore, while they were 35 to 40 on the Upper Shore.

Interviewed anglers caught 34 Steelhead and 31 Kamloops on the Lower Shore, 19 Steelhead and 3 Kamloops on the Middle Shore, and 5 Steelhead and 3 Kamloops on the Upper Shore. The Knife Trap totals are 247 Steelhead and 9 Kamloops, while French River Trap totals are 424 Kamloops and 38 Steelhead.

Stream flows shorewide rose on 4/23 and are now decreasing but running high and clear. 

Several of us MN Steelheaders will be on the water later this week.  Stay tuned as we hope to update the reports daily. Reminder that Sunday is our river clean up.  This is open to everyone willing to volunteer a bit of time.  With enough help we should all be able to be back on the water in no time.  Please spread the word and we will see you on Sunday.

Casual Gathering: Saturday night in Two Harbors (local lounge) for those interested in meeting, swapping fish tales, or simply relaxing will fellow anglers. Email us here for location and time.
Adopt-a-River clean up:  Sunday, May 1st. HWY 61 (scenic parking lot) 11:30am. 

One can read fishing reports updated on the web on Mondays and Fridays at: or by calling our office at 218-525-0853 and selecting 1 for the fishing report updated every Monday and Friday.


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