Kamloop thief on the loose

Pictured here is a shot from our buddy Jesse.  He was out late last enjoying a day on the shore.  He had some good success with both steelhead and kamloop. Saving the looper for the table seemed like a great idea until he notice it was on the move!

"I had an otter the size of a lab run off with my 8 lb looper. I had to track the looper through the grass by following spilled spawn. I came upon the otter and had to chase him off my fish. Crazy!"

I have seen all sorts of wildlife on the shore during steelheading trips but never experience ia fish thief.

Keep you eyes out for this poacher the next time you are in steelhead, or should I say, otter country.



Mike Swan said…
Left you plenty of shoulder on those fillets! :)

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