DNR Creel Report

Here is the latest information from the North Shore Creel report.  The photo is a great shot from a late week outting that our friend preston and a buddy had.
From 4/18 through 4/21, water temperatures ranged from 34 to 40 on the Lower and Middle Shore, while they were 33 to 35 on the Upper Shore.
 From 4/18 through 4/21, interviewed anglers caught 37 Steelhead and 14 Kamloops on the Lower Shore, 58 Steelhead and 18 Kamloops on the Middle Shore, and 2 Steelhead on the Upper Shore.  The Knife Trap totals are 134 Steelhead and 7 Kamloops, while French River Trap totals are 257 Kamloops and 20 Steelhead.
Stream flows on the Lower and Middle Shore are decreasing and becoming clear, while flows on the Upper Shore are running high but clear. 

One can read fishing reports updated on the web on Mondays and Fridays at:http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/areas/fisheries/lakesuperior/report.html or by calling our office at 218-525-0853 and selecting 1 for the fishing report updated every Monday and Friday.


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