Mother Nature at work

Many of you visited the North shore last summer/fall and noticed the Stewart River along with a few other rivers, were completely closed off to fish migration due to the awesome spring flood of 2012.  Pictured here is what that bar at the Stewart looked like.  As you can see, nothing that swims was entering this river for a fall migration. 

As time went on this area gathered snow and ice, and more snow and ice.  The massive power of the great gitche gumee further increased the size of the sandbar by bulldozing more and more sand and gravel to the blockade.  The combination of ice and gravel over the winter months was nothing short of impressive work by mother nature.

In the weeks and months that followed the original post of the sandbar picture back in October of 2012, there were many of you that expressed concerns about how this would affect the 2013 spring run.  As we expected Mother nature took care of herself just fine. 
Here is a picture from 5-3-13 of the same mouth area of the Stewart River. The Stewart, along with several other North Shore rivers, is very much able to once again welcome steelhead for another spring season.


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