Fishing Report: 5-2-13

Fishing report: 5-2-2013

Our North Shore rivers from Duluth up the shore are flowing hard and strong. Most of them are ice free. Cool air temperatures the past few days have reduced runoff and river levels are dropping, but
are high and very turbid. There is still a substantial amount of snow in the woods which will cause rivers
to rise when the weather warms up and the snow melts. Water temperatures are very cold at 32-34

The lower shore DNR clerk interviewed shore anglers the past few days and anglers caught 16 Kamloops, 3 steelhead, and one coho salmon. All three of the MNDNR creel clerks will be out interviewing anglers starting May 3rd, so a more detailed report will be posted on Monday. Please be respectful of the clerks.  providing them with your catch information provides extremely valuable information for the fishery.

Reminder to that we are conducting our own Creel  Report (MSCR) along the North Shore this year. The information we gather will provide MS with some valuable data for our not so scientific, but pretty awesome study.  Visit our website for more information.

some report info provided with the help of the MNDNR


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