Fishing Report 5-11-09

Water temperatures ranged from 48-55 degrees on the Lower Shore, 46-56 on the Middle Shore, and 47-49 on the Upper Shore. Interviewed anglers caught 7 Steelhead and 12 Kamloops on the Lower Shore, 44 Steelhead and 3 Kamloops on the Middle Shore, and 9 Steelhead on the Upper Shore from Friday through Sunday.

Flows have decreased a lot on Lower Shore streams since flows peaked last Wednesday, and streams are getting fairly low, clear, and warm. Just a few fresh fish are moving into Lower Shore streams each day at this point in time. Middle Shore streams are holding their water and fish and will likely do so for the next couple of weeks. Early runs of fish are just starting on Upper Shore streams, which should have fish through the end of the month.

Trap totals after running the traps today are 214 unclipped steelhead, 199 clipped steelhead, and 42 Kamloops at the Knife River, and 348 Kamloops, 70 unclipped steelhead, and 8 clipped steelhead at the French River.

report provided by the MN DNR


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