Fishing Report 5-1-09

Water temperatures ranged from 38-46 degrees on both the Lower and Middle Shore, and were 35-37 on the Upper Shore.

Interviewed anglers caught 26 Steelhead, 20 Kamloops, and 1 Coho on the Lower Shore, 3 Steelhead and 2 Kamloops on the Middle Shore, and nothing on the Upper Shore on Monday through Thursday.

Water temperatures entered the optimal 42-45 degree range for a day here and there on the Lower and Middle Shore this past week, but cold fronts and cold nights have dropped water temps back to the 38-40 degree range every other day. As a result, fishing has been inconsistent for anglers that fish every day. The Middle Shore streams will peak in the next week, so anglers should now focus their attention on those. Up to two feet of snow is still present in the woods north of Grand Marais, so wait until after walleye opener to head up there. Flows are decreasing and streams are running cleaner and clearer on the Lower and Middle shore; however, upper shore streams continue to run high, turbid, and carry debris.

The Knife River trap had 3 steelhead on Monday, 14 steelhead on Tuesday, 22 steelhead and 1 Kamloops on Wednesday, 18 steelhead on Thursday, and 4 steelhead on Friday. Knife River trap totals are 141 unclipped steelhead, 124 clipped steelhead, and 22 Kamloops. The French River trap had 22 Kamloops and 3 steelhead on Monday, 1 Kamloops on Tuesday, 26 Kamloops and 4 steelhead on Wednesday, 6 Kamloops and 2 steelhead on Thursday, and 3 Kamloops and 5 steelhead on Friday. French River trap totals are 228 Kamloops, 46 unclipped steelhead, and 4 clipped steelhead.

info provided by the MN DNR


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