Fishing Report 5-4-09

Water temperatures ranged from 46-54 degrees on the Lower Shore, 40-49 on the Middle Shore, and 36-40 on the Upper Shore.

Interviewed anglers caught 29 Steelhead and 36 Kamloops on the Lower Shore, 34 Steelhead and 5 Kamloops on the Middle Shore, and 4 Steelhead on the Upper Shore on Friday through Sunday. Flows are decreasing and streams are running cleaner and clearer shorewide. Lower Shore streams have peaked; however, as long as the streams hold their water fish will be present. The Middle Shore streams are peaking and will so for the next week. Interviewed anglers caught fish in Upper Shore streams for the first time this weekend, and the run is just starting.

Knife River trap totals are 177 unclipped steelhead, 165 clipped steelhead, and 28 Kamloops. French River trap totals are 264 Kamloops, 51 unclipped steelhead, and 6 clipped steelhead.Water temperatures have exceeded 45 degrees overnight on the Lester every night since last Thursday, which is when the smelt spawn.


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