Steelhead Buddies

I want to thank a few great steelheaders for helping make the the KHO filming last week a success.

First off, thanks to Dr. Jef Somrock. I have know Jeff for about 17 years. He has been an integral part of the Lake Superior Steelhead Association (LSSA) over the years, acting as President for the past 14 years, and a heck of a local steelheader.

Jeff and I meet at a lower shore river Wednesday morning and exchanged stories, tips and flies. Jeff even gave K. Hrbek some "go to" flies that were ideal for the conditions we were about to fish. Thanks Jeff!

Next I wish to thanks Andy Burda. Andy has been with Minnesota Steelheader from the start as a field staffer. Andy shares his techniques, tips, reports and photos for all to enjoy. In fact, he shared some great tips upon our meeting at our first filming location. We meet up with Andy stream side for a filming segment on fly selections. You just might get a glimpse of his secret weapons on the final edit. Thanks again Buddy!

And lastly, thanks to Greg Lerach (pictured above left). Greg is a long time local steelhead expert and a fishing pal from my college days. Greg gave us a great river report for our second filming location, we also exchanged some great stories and tips. Thanks again Greg!

I am thankful to all for helping to produce, what should be, a pretty cool show. Tigh lines and see you on the water!

D. Brandt


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