Steelhead - Identified by the adipose fin

The North Shore Steelhead / Kamlops / Rainbow Trout regulations can be a bit confusing to some. Let's sum it up...

Recently we were asked out on the water about what you can and can't keep with regards to all North Shore Rainbow Trout strains.  In a nut shell, if is has an adipose fine, as illustrated here, it must be immediately returned to the river as these fish are our steelhead.  Even if you find one with a tag, as long as there is an adipose fin it must be released.  If this fin has been removed by the DNR, and obviously healed, you have a fish that is keepable. Read through the regulations though as there are size/bag limits that you must be aware of.


Anonymous said…
Could i keep steelheads with a tag on but with a clipped adipose fin? I released the steelheads with a tag on them and clipped adipose fin because I was unsure if I can keep tagged clipped adipose steelhead.
Most likely you are referring to a Kamloops, and yes you can keep a tag fish as long as the adipose fin is clipped and sports a healed scar.

If the adipose fin is there the fish must be returned. This fish is a steelhead. Feel free to view our “tags” section on our website as it gives some good info on tags and fin clips.

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