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So I'm working on compiling the rest of the 2012 run numbers as well as putting together some historical context, and a couple things come to mind.

First I'd like to offer a GIGANTIC Thank You to the folks in the Minnesota DNR Duluth Fisheries Section: People like Deserae Hendrickson, Don Schreiner, the creel clerks and many, many others provide us with so much incredible information not to mention doing boots-on-the-ground work that all too often goes un-mentioned, un-thanked or flat out un-noticed - So Thank You! We couldn't provide the wonderful information we do to the followers of Minnesota Steelheader without that great work.

Did you know for example that, "The Minnesota DNR Duluth Fisheries Area manages 349 lakes, 473 miles of trout stream, and 157 miles of river, including the St. Louis River Estuary. Management efforts provide diverse fishing opportunities with urban trout fishing, scenic settings for trout anglers, andromous fish runs, and pristine northern lakes." See This Factsheet for more great information on what this Section does for us, as well as some of the significant problems they face.

Secondly, the germ of an idea came to me here recently. The problem is that to implement it, we're going to need your help. As a test, I'm looking for the following types of information: If you fished in 2012, I'm looking for catch information similar to what's provided in the creel reports. All I need are the species caught (Kamloops, Steelhead or Brook Trout), the region you caught the fish (Lower, Mid or Upper Shore), and the date the fish were caught. I'm particularly interested in fish you may have caught after April 30th of 2012.

It is critical that you get the dates and locations correct. Again, not interested in specific streams, simply the region, so follow this format:
Lower Shore Region - All Tributaries from Mission Creek to Knife River
Mid Shore Region - All Tributaries from Stewart River to Baptism River
Upper Shore Region - All Tributaries from Little Marais River to Pigeon River including those on the Reservation.

Important Addendum!: Please make sure that you only report steelhead/kamloops numbers once. If you fished with a group, put your heads together and pick one person to report the TOTAL numbers, or only report fish you personally caught. I'm trying to prevent duplication as the numbers roll in and I forgot to mention that impotant point originally.

Example - If you and your partner(s) caught a total of two steelhead on April 24th, please do not both report back that you caught two steelhead, otherwise it will look like four steelhead were caught that day and it will skew the numbers.

You can send your information to: mnsteelheadernmf@hotmail.com
More on this exciting project as information comes in!
Regards- NMF


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