Sucker River Clean Up - Postponed due to cleanliness

Hard to believe we would ever have to postpone a River clean up due to cleanliness... but it is true!

After a survey of the lower stretches along the banks of the Sucker River last weekend, our crew of 3 staff members discovered, a lack of trash.  In fact, a walk down to the lake produced only one single pop can and a small plastic bag. That is it! 

After reviewing the 2012 clean up campaign we felt it would be better if our group efforts were utilized more thoroughly.  The idea of  a dozen people making the drive, several from the cities, with not much to collect, just didn't seem like a good use of voluneet time.  So, we have decided to postponed the clean up date until the fall salmon run, tying it in with our annual streamside salmon & trout fishing clinic. Letting the spring and summer tourist season pass will maximize a larger collection of trash and just in time to beat the winter snow pack.

Having said all that, there will still be a few of us activly picking up trash along the Sucker river throughout the remander of the spring run.  We thank all of you who have already been picking up trash along the Sucker, as well as other rivers.  Please keep up the fine work.  for those interested in helping out this fall please stay tuned to our Website, this blog and our facebook page for more details.

If you still plan to be in the area of the Sucker River on Sunday, shoot us an email ASAP as some of us will be there too.


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