Fishing Report: 4-6-12

Between 04/02 and 04/05, cold nights resulted in morning water temperatures of about 38 degrees, warming to the mid to upper 40s by the afternoon along the Lower Shore.  Interviewed anglers caught 9 Kamloops and 4 steelhead.  The lack of precipitation has kept rivers running low and clear.  Anglers are seeing many fish in the rivers but most report slow fishing. 

Along the Middle Shore, morning water temperatures were in the mid to upper 30s while afternoon temperatures reached the mid 40s.  Water levels were falling and becoming increasingly clear.  Interviewed anglers caught 6 steelhead, 1 Kamloops, and 1 brook trout. 

Along the Upper Shore, flows in the smaller streams dropped considerably, but the larger rivers maintained reasonable flows throughout the week.  Clear water conditions now prevail in both large and small tributaries.  Upper Shore water temperatures rose quickly within the past few days, reaching the mid to upper 40s in the afternoons.  Fish were observed jumping falls with the warming water.  Interviewed anglers caught 4 steelhead, 1 Kamloops, and 1 brook trout. 

Report provided by Josh Blankenheim  MN DNR


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