Fishing Report - 4-2-12

Between 03/30 and 04/01, cool weather conditions resulted in cold water temperatures and reportedly tough fishing conditions.

Water temperatures along the Lower Shore were approximately 38 degrees with all rivers running low and clear. Interviewed anglers reported generally slow fishing, but caught 25 Kamloops, 10 steelhead, 5 coho salmon, 1 brook trout, and 1 brown trout.

Along the Middle Shore, stream temperatures were between 33 and 39 degrees with water levels dropping and also running fairly clear. Interviewed anglers caught 7 steelhead, 4 Kamloops, 2 brook trout, and 1 northern pike.

Along the Upper Shore water temperatures were in the mid 30s and rose to only 40 degrees on Sunday afternoon. Despite some light precipitation, water levels were falling but not running as clear as streams farther down the shore. Overall fishing pressure was fairly light and interviewed anglers caught 5 steelhead and 1 Kamloops.

Trap totals through April 1stare 99 steelhead and 6 Kamloops at the Knife River, and 755 Kamloops and 45 steelhead at the French River.

 Photo:  Submitted by Dawn.  A nice hen steelhead caught 3/28/12
Report provided by MN DNR


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