Holy Rapid Warmup Batman!

I was talking to a fishing acquaintance the other day about the rapid warm-up and the only word we could come up with for what's happening was, "Shocking."

Here is a series over the last 10 days from MODIS imagery showing you just how fast we lost the snowpack on the Shore (Click the first to pull up all images, then scroll through):

My personal favorite is #4 down from the top. Looks like one of the Field Staff was up in his "office" with a couple others - Note the contrails...

The other shockers were the stream temps I saw yesterday:

Keep in mind that it was March 19th and these were temps from an Upper Shore trib. That blew me away. With much of the melt now on its way out of the system, we are going to need rain. Looks like some potential in the forecast and if it stays warm, things are going to speed up even more.




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