Great article by Sam Cook

With the steelhead season rapidly approaching, so too come the seasonal flood of articles, stories and reports on our fishery.  This past Sunday was no exception, in particular, an article from Sam Cook of the Duluth News Tribune.

If you are not familiar with Sam Cook, he is a seasoned outdoor writer having written countless articles over the years regarding our North Shore steelhead fishery.  The article is a great read for those who want to get a quick grasp on the current state of the Kamloops and Steelhead fishery, as well as the French River hatchery.

here is a link to his article:

Photo: Greg the steelhead guide - ©MinnesotaSteelheader


Sotafish said…
The closing of French River Hatchery would be extremely sad. This Hatchery provides one of the most unique experiences in Minnesota. The unique blend of wild steelhead and hatchery Kamloops work well together also from the catch and release, harvest perspective. I'm all about protecting our wild steelhead and being able to harvest some Kamloops makes it easier. If it meant that the looper fishery would continue by raising our license fees I would be all for it. I just don't know if I trust that process. Maybe a Kamloop stamp.???? Save the French River Hatchery.

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