Get Set...

Now that the Lower Shore tribs are becoming ice-free and snowmelt is working it's way out of the system, it's time to take a close look at temps .

I finally had a little time to analyze the latest data from three Lower Shore index streams and here's where it stands:

We're still on the low side of the temperatures required to initiate the first big push of steelhead and kamloops, but we're getting close. If the weather holds and/or we get some warm rain, things will happen fast.

Once the high and average temps reach their counterpart thresholds depicted, we should see the first big numbers showing up in the tribs. That's not to say we don't have fish around already. Kamloops in particular have a slightly lower threshold than the steelhead but for all practical purposes the above thresholds depicted work for both.

Be intersesting to see how the next week or so plays out....


Anonymous said…
Headin up there early sat-mon. Hope we can get a few hooked!! Super excited that it is here already
tobin said…
A guy I know saw someone carrying 3 large fish up from lester river this weekend, I 'm guessing they were Kamloops or something...I hiked the Sucker this weekend and seen quite a few people fishing, the parking lot was full.

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