Adopt-A-River: Clean up Success!

Pictured here are Minnesota Steelheader staff, DB and TU, posing with some of the trash they picked up during the Sunday Adopt-A-River clean up on the Sucker River.  Though we wish more of you would have been able to give some time, we appreciated the few that showed up to clean up.

We ended up with an estimated 170lbs of trash.  Most of it was drink containers, plastic bags of one sort or another, and cigarette filters.  We also pulled out a fair amount of Styrofoam.  The big items were cast iron drain pipe, steel posts, and an old highway sign.

While removing garbage along the river banks and the adjacent property we appreciated the two anglers that recognized our efforts.  We remain positive that the other 20+ anglers must have just been shy.  As the season moves forward we hope that each of you who walk the banks and water of the Sucker River find energy to pick up and dispose of the trash you discover.

Stay tuned for a post regarding our fall clean up date.  We are working to organize an on-the-water pink salmon seminar along with steelhead water scouting techniques for those that sign up to volunteer for the clean up.

Thanks again to those that stepped up on Sunday your time and energy was greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said…

Glad to have been able to participate! Not sure if this had any effect on volunteers, but the Adopt-A-River portion of the DNR website had the cleanup starting at 10:00 A.M. instead of 11:30 A.M.

If anyone showed up at 10:00 and found no-one at the lot, my apologies! The DNR did post DB's phone number for contact information, but hopefully we'll iron out the bugs in the future.

The "not really anonymous" NMF
Anonymous said…
I wish I could have made it. Thanks for your efforts!


We know you were there in spirit!

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