Fishing Report 9-16-10

Wednesday brought with it gray skies and drizzle rain all day.  It was enough rain to keep you in rain gear all day but not quite enough to bring up water levels.

I fished the middle shore area with great success - coasters and Pinks.  Key is to find a river with a decent flow.  This ruled out all the lower shore rivers for me.  The First river remotely worthy to stop at was the Split Rock.  Problem here is the wayside is closed - getting a new face lift.

 All fish caught were aggressive and had no problem snapping up my dysfunctional woolly bugger.  The best success was actually casting into the lake right at the river mouth.  The low water kept most of the visible river fish a bit uneasy and skittish, though with some stealth in fly delivery, and good water depth, fish are very catchable.



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