Coho Salmon Time

A couple of us were up on the upper shore the past couple days for a somewhat impromptu pursuit of fish and birds. In short success all around.  The Grouse we plentiful and so were the fish.

The Pink Salmon we saw were all well into the fall run.  we saw several fish spawning and nearly all fish observed showed the signs that their end was soon to arrive.  Even with the fish in the condition they were in they still were spunky little buggers.  Speaking of buggers...used 'em almost exclusively and just today witnessed several pinks swim out of their comfort zone to whack my tasty looking treat.

Coho were far and few but check out the picture.  This was caught yesterday evening at a terminal hole on an upper shore river.  This fish hit with a BAM and was dime bright to boot!  This coho measured 20" on the rodrule.  Average on the North Shore is in the 17-18" with some in the 22" class but that is about it.

A few small coaster were taking the fly as well but it is still a bit early for the biggie fish.  If you are planning a fall salmon trip, please take note that the coaster brook trout season is closed.  All brookies need to be released. As for the salmon - go get 'em!

Send us a story or picks of your fall trips, will are happy to post!


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