Fishing Report 4-9-09

Slow going but the steelhead have started their run!

One of our Duluth contacts fished last night and this morning. Water was 38 in the Lester and 37 in the Stewart. Dropped to 33 on both as of this morning.

One wild steelie (unclipped/untagged) and two loopers caught on the 7th, no fish this morning. Still a fair amount of shelf/anchor ice around in certain places but some rivers almost 100% fishable (Lester/Sucker)

The South Duluth creeks and Nemadji loop from Tischer south to the St. Louis, and over to State Line weres fishable as of the 3/28. The snow did a number on them for a few days, but as of last Friday the conditions were good... no steelhead caught in this area as of 3/28.
Also, as of 3:21 today it is 52f in Silver Bay...


Mr. Tim said…
A guy I was speaking with on Tuesday of this week @ Lester River mentioned he had some hits on an egg sucking leech early in the morning.
I was out Tuesday evening and also this morning around 5 (Thursday) without luck.

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