Fishing Report 4-24-09

The rivers are open on the entire shore. Water temperatures ranged from 36-37 degrees in the morning and 41-45 degrees in the afternoon on the Lower Shore. Water temperatures throughout the day range from 34-40 on the Middle Shore and 33-36 on the Upper Shore.

Interviewed anglers caught 12 Steelhead and 20 Kamloops on the Lower Shore, 14 Steelhead and 5 Kamloops on the Middle Shore, and nothing on the Upper Shore this past week. The run is peaking from the Lester to the Stewart right now and will be peaking on most Middle Shore streams within the next week. Flows on the Lower Shore streams have been declining and clearing up for the past week; however predicted weekend rains might add some more color to the water and increase flows. Middle Shore streams have decreasing flows and are starting to clear up and carry less debris, while and Upper shore streams are still turbid, have some shelf ice remaining, and carry some debris.

The Knife River trap had 1 steelhead on Monday, 9 on Tuesday, 36 on Wednesday, 36 on Thursday, and 71 on Friday. Water temperatures remained above 40 degrees for the first time on Thursday night at the Knife River. The French River trap was opened for the first time on Tuesday, and had 2 steelhead and 25 Kamloops on Wednesday, 4 steelhead and 16 Kamloops on Thursday, and 14 steelhead and 65 Kamloops on Friday.


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