03.28.2009 Fishing Report Update

As of March 28th, tribs from Castle Danger south to Duluth were well on their way to opening up. Still lots of anchor/shelf ice here and there, but we're very close. I would not be surprised to hear of kamloops already in certain streams. The mouth of the French (shown at right), was open enough that fish could certainly run it. The ice you see was Lake ice blown in against shore due to a strong northeasterly wind.

Tribs from Duluth south and over to just beyond Iron River are open and fishable with some of the smaller ones climbing into the mid to upper 30's already.


Tim said…
Thanks for keeping this site active- I am trying out the trout/salmonoids for the first time this year in the Lake Superior tribs.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the detailed report, you guys are great!

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