Getting fishy out there.

Spring is just around the corner!

Though the weather is warming, our North Shore rivers have a long way to go until they will run freely without an ice covered canopy.  In the meantime, fish are cruising the ice free shorelines of Minnesota's Lake Superior waters. There are miles and miles of good angling shoreline on our North Shore, don't be fooled that the only place to catch fish is where a crowd may be. 

Notice the "nub" where the adipose fin was on the fish in this photo.  This is a healed fin clip from when this buck was just a little guy.  Remember this adipose must be absent (healed over) in order to keep your Rainbow.  Yep, this is a Kamloops strain Rainbow Trout.  These fish are raised and stocked for all you trout stamp carting anglers to catch and keep for the table. 

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Unknown said…
Any updates or pointers for some newbies hoping to try to catch some steelhead this weekend? Are the fish moving at all or is there an ideal stream area to fish the shore? Thanks!
Unknown said…
Any update as of 3/19? Thanks!!

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