Low Cost Idea of the Week

    Seems like steelheaders always have more gear than they have pocket-space to carry it in, so being able to organize effectively is always a good thing.
    A couple weeks ago, my wife was in the bathroom organizing and putting jewelry into these neat little boxes. So I just had to ask because when I saw all the little compartments, the light-bulb went off....

    Turns out they were just pill organizers. Couple nice things about them: You can get them with varying numbers of compartments, you can remove the entire divider making for one big compartment, they are very low profile which means they fit well in smaller pockets and can be stacked, and the lids close pretty securely. But best of all, they are a dollar or less depending on size and are available from most pharmacies, Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart etc.

    These boxes make for great yarn boxes, hook organizers, spare fly boxes, sinker holders, bead boxes and indicator boxes. Take the divider out on the smaller square boxes and they make great leader boxes. I think for fly or hook boxes, I might just pop a couple holes in the top with a drill and a small bit to help prevent rust. You can also remove the divider, cut out some foam to fit and use for a fly box that way, or just buy an insert and fit it for way cheaper than a new bona-fide fly box.

    Last but not least they are bright red, so the chances of leaving them on a bank somewhere are slightly less. At least if you do, they'll be easier to spot than a clear box. That and if they go in the drink they should be easier to see, whether on the bottom, or as you make the mad dash downstream trying to net it. C'mon, we've ALL made that sprint...  

    I bought 5 just to test them out and I was able to pack the same amount of stuff in my vest using less space due to the skinnier profile, and for far less cost than most of my other boxes. Time will tell if they hold up, but they do seem pretty durable. Usually hinges or clasps are the first thing to go anyway on most boxes, but at a dollar or less a pop, what the heck? 



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