Help our DNR Creel census clerks

Kamloop or Steelhead?

Did you know three DNR creel census clerks conduct angler interviews from April through late-May along the North Shore?  Here is a list of rivers along Lake Superiors North Shore they survey:

Lower Shore: Lester, McQuade Harbor/Talmadge River, French, Sucker, and Knife
Middle Shore: Stewart, Silver, Gooseberry, Split Rock, Beaver, and Baptism
Upper Shore: Cross, Temperance, Poplar, Cascade, Devil Track, Kadunce, and Brule

If one of these clerks approaches you for an interview, don't panic, he is just out gather fish catching information.  Please be courteous to these clerks and take a moment out of your day to assist, even if you have not caught any fish - yet. Your cooperation is very helpful and is greatly appreciated.

The above photo is a north shore catch.  Sometimes initial appearances might be confusing, and a bit of a challenge for some to identify the difference between a kamloop's rainbow trout and a steelhead.  There is a dead give away in this photo that id's this hen.  Can you see it - Kamloop or Steelhead?



Corey McBride said…
I see a missing pelvic fin. The kamloops in Superior have their adipose fin clipped, not their pelvic fin clipped, right? What characteristic are you referring to?
NMF said…
This fish has a left pectoral fin clip. These types of clips are used in conjunction with adipose fin clips to denote various year and stocking origins in Kamloops.

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