Creel Trend Update

    The creel data which came in from the last couple days has confirmed what we were seeing in the temperature data, that the Lower North Shore had, for the most part, reached the upstream steelhead migration initiation threshold and was about to pop. They did and it has...

    The interesting thing is that we thought there might be some small delay due to the fact that our index stream for temperatures this year is quite a bit smaller and warms more quickly when compared to most of the other Lower Shore Tribs. To be honest, my bet was on Thursday - Friday given our index stream hit roughly last Saturday and flows were so high yet. BUT, lots of sun can work wonders this time of year so it looks like the other Lower Shore Tribs are right there already. Not only does the creel trend confirm this, but the Knife and French Trap reports do as well.

    So what does this mean for you? Well, our Creel Project data tells us that going forward from the initiation threshold, we are now in a magic 14-day window (give or take a few days based on how quickly stream temps hit the low 50's), of some of the best steelheading of the season on the Lower Shore. The Creel Project isn't simply about the data, it allows Minnesota Steelheader to give YOU the best information and tools possible to plan your steelhead outings all across the Shore. BUT, we can't do this without your support, so PLEASE keep the creel reports coming in; they help us all to become more knowledgeable steelheaders.
    This will be the last live update for the Lower Shore with respect to creel trends, we know we are there and now it's up to you. We will however continue to post Trap numbers along with fishing reports as we receive them.
    Thanks again to the stellar crew (Don Schreiner et. al.) at the Minnesota DNR Fisheries Office, without their technical information and reports, none of this would be possible.


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