Steelhead Fishing Report: 4-6-13

Steelhead Fishing Report: 4-6-13

A couple of our scouts have reported that some tributaries have just started to flow but are still mainly ice and not ready to fish.  Anglers are still out around river mouths fishing the big lake for Kamloops and occasionally catching steelhead.

Stay tuned as the reports here will be more detailed in the future.  We never give up fishing holes but will will tell you what regions are hot and which are not.  We will also let you know how many fish are being reported to the DNR creel survey staff.  These guys work hard to gather valuable data that helps you catch fish.  Be nice to them.

The river regions we specify in reports are divided into 3 areas: Lower, Middle and Upper shore, all regions are illustrated on our website, take a look to get familiar.  We even have links to maps you can print out or pick up from the DNR.  We invite all of you to give back a bit and share your own reports in our "comment" section of each of the posts.  See you on the water soon!



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