Don’t you just hate this time of the year? It’s Steelhead purgatory. We’re caught in between our real lives and Heaven. The pearly gates are jammed up with chunks of ice and rock. "God" is waiting out there in the calm cold pure waters of Lake Superior to forgive us all. We’re ready to bow down. Yet here we wait, impatiently, because we have to. We’re not in control, we have no choice. Luckily, we’ve been here before and know that this is how it goes. We give and we take, and we know when the take is good, and when it's good, it's so good, and we take it hard. You know what I’m talking about. Right? That tap, tap..tap, line pause…rod rise,..tug, tug, “FISH ON”…back …back…back…arms high, line screaming craziness?

Let’s be honest, no matter how many times we happen to out play the Tigers, this sport is better than baseball season. Let’s go sun, burn one down; for us. We're dying here. Thankfully, we know Steelheading is a struggle, but when our time comes, we'll be ready. Get out there, hang on and have faith.

Tight lines,



Anonymous said…
I have a trip planned from the 14th to the 18th. I hope thing are going by then. Will be based out of the Viking Inn in Two Harbors. We can always fish for loopers if the run hasn't started. Keeping an eye on the weather.

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