Double-Up Buttercup

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and the same is true for the folks at Minnesota Steelheader. O.k. we know they're not steelhead, but ya' gotta blow off a little steam while waiting for the steelies to come.

Here are MS Director DB and Field Staffer TU with a salmon double from a recent mental health trip...

And let's not forget Field Staffer Pete with a super bright hen!

Blog & Facebook Contributor Jesse contemplating making a critical fly selection. And yes, he does bring his La-Z-Boy with him wherever he fishes. You should see him perched in the middle of the Knife at 500cfs! Note however the almost perfect utilization of Feng Shui; a sublimely Zen moment for sure...

'Till the Steelies Come Again-
The Minnesota Steelheader Field Staff


Tobin said…
Did you guys catch those in northern mn?
No we did not catch these on the North Shore. The North Shore King Salmon population is virtually non existence these days. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s you could catch kings like these thanks to the MN DNR King Salmon stocking program. However, that program ceases to exist. With a need for some big fish on the end of our line a few of the staff headed to the Milwaukee river to get their big fish fix.
Mags said…
I was going to say.... When I saw this I thought MN waters also and thought, no way! I've been pounding hard up there and only have seen tons of Pinks, a couple Steelhead, and some huge Coasters. The Coasters must be rebounding a bit, they were huge and in a couple rivers I fished.

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