DNR seeking comments through Nov. 4 on permit to draw water from Poplar River

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is seeking public comment on a proposal for a temporary permit that would allow Lutsen Mountain Corporation (LMC) to continue to draw water from the Poplar River for its snowmaking operation. Normally, pumping operations would be discontinued due to the river's low flow, but the DNR is authorized by statute to allow exceptions under unique circumstances.  Read More - click here.


Craig Lehner said…
I have been fishing the upper shore rivers for the past 10 years during the fall and spring runs. This fall I didn't try the Poplar because it was in such rough shape. Me and my boy have had some good memories fishing the Poplar in the past and to my opinion it just can't take the stress of being any lower then what it's going to have to endure this winter.

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