Trout Program Update

This post is a copy of an update we received from Ross Pearson - Kamloops Advocates.  We felt the update was worthy of a post. 

 "This is an update on the Kamloops production shift to the Spire Valley Hatchery. In December members of MN DNR fisheries met with some of the representatives of the Rainbow Trout Advisory Group to talk about changes for Lake Superior rainbow trout management.

For 2011 and 2012, Fisheries has decided to bring the Spire Valley pre-smolt kamloops back to the French River Hatchery for imprinting and grow-out to smolts in the French River Hatchery prior to July planting in Lake Superior. This will be similar to the program of the past and much better for returns than planting them as pre-smolt sized fish (for the steelhead population Fisheries has consistently found adult returns from smolts to be 30 to 40 times better than returns from pre-smolts). Fisheries is not saying what will happen for the French River Hatchery and the dependent kamloops and steelhead programs beyond the 2012 production."  ~Ross Pearson - Kamloops Advocates

photo by: Minnesota Steelheader


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