Adopt-a-River Program

Happy New Year to you all!

2011 is sure to be an exciting year here at Minnesota Steelheader.  We plan to fill this blog and our website with a multitude of new information, some new gear, and maybe even a surprise or two.

One avenue we are currently researching is the DNR Adopt-a-River Program.  All of us here at MS feel that being involved in this program would be an excellent way for us to not only contribute to the preservation of our fishery but to also form some great camaraderie amoung fellow anglers.

The Adopt-a-River Program is part of the Department of Natural Resources' Trails and Waterways Division. This division specializes in providing access to the vast lands and waters of the state. As the division's stewardship specialists, the Adopt-a-River program challenges you to become personally involved in the care of our resources. The Adopt-a-River program, with a watershed approach, links public trails and floodplain areas into a common fabric: the watershed.

If you are interested in becoming more involved within Minnesota Steelheader, now is the time to step up.  Visit the poll to the right and select one of the listed rivers that you think best suits our needs and the needs of a clean up effort.  Realize this might not be your favorite river but one in need of help.

We are also collecting names of those interested in volunteering streamside time.  With enough of you supporting, we will select one of the rivers, form our clean up coalition, and organize time on the water with an on-River meeting date during summer or fall low water conditions.  Please reply by email with your contact info if you are interested in joining the cause.  Feel free to also include any thoughts/opinions you have on the Adopt-a-River Program

Go to our website to contact us.  You can select the "contact us page" and send an email.  Leaving an email address here is a recipe for nasty spammers! You can also click here (click here - to visit website)

Stay tuned for more info as this program develops.


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