Signs of Spring

North Shore Steelheaders-

If you live in the Northland, you probably think I'm nuts given some parts of the Shore just got upwards of 14" of new snow and it is about minus 2 out; but there are signs that steelheading is just around the corner.

Near my home, the Chickadees and Cardinals are beginning to sing their spring songs on warmer mornings, and tom turkeys are beginning to show more than a passing interest in hens.

The big one for me though is that just before we got hit with this latest round of snow, some of the streams on the South Shore were beginning to show signs of the daily freeze-thaw cycle that starts the process of opening up the rivers; and the North Shore won't be too far behind. I won't rehash old posts, but you'll get the idea by clicking Here

Historically, steelhead runs have begun on Lower Shore streams by just under a month from now! If you haven't started already, time to start going over the gear, patching holes in the waders, replacing old line and tying up spawn or a few hundred of those favorite flies you're sure to loose on rocks, in trees, in your earlobes if you're like me, and hopefully on feisty steelhead by the time the Spring Season winds down.

So get going, you only have a couple weeks left before that magic time of year is upon you.


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