Healthy Rivers: A Water Course

Healthy Rivers: A Water Course is a captivating online (new!) or CD-ROM program to understand the ecology, management, and stewardship of river and stream systems.

A user-friendly multimedia tool, Healthy Rivers features:
~ 220+ screens of information exploring the complexity and diversity of river systems.

~ 540+ color photos and 70+ maps, illustrations, and graphic animations.

~ Over 100 audio interviews, video clips, and music segments.

~ More than 100 links within the program, 100+ links to external web sites, and a complete bibliography of over 100 references.

The Healthy Rivers program explains natural structure and function of river systems using a five-component framework of flow, shape, connections, quality, and life. Six case studies examine the history of river use and provide a basis for a future vision of water resource management. A section explores the true value of river system goods and services, which leads to inspiring examples of local leaders and practical, action-oriented ideas for next steps that each of us can take toward healthier water resources.

Online course, click here.

info provided by MNDNR


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