Pinks are Running!

With the leaves turning beautiful colors it means one thing for North Shore Stream anglers...fall run!

This past weekend was spent doing some sight seeing with the family but we did get a chance to get out four our first fly fishing lesson. With some help from dad, our little smolt got to experience his first Pink Salmon.

Though the water was low on all the rivers from Duluth to Grand Marais this past Thursday thru Friday, it did not slow the pink run. We found fish all throughout the Cascade, Cross & Poplar Rivers. All the fish were fresh and feisty with several starting to make the Redd's.

If you are thinking of a weekend to go hit the Pink Salmon Run, this is it.


Anonymous said…
i live next to brule river now on the north shore of minnesota.. Is this the time to fish the stream? What kind of fly should i use?

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