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Accessible fishing pier now available at McQuade Small Craft Harbor :

With the addition of an accessible fishing pier, McQuade Small Craft Harbor now offers opportunities for everyone to fish Lake Superior, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The harbor facility, located nine miles north of the Duluth Harbor entry, is fully accessible including: parking, paved walkways, a pedestrian tunnel, docks, benches, drinking water and rest rooms. The fishing pier has protective railings and is built out from the breakwater to provide for lake fishing.

Access to fishing on Lake Superior is limited for many Minnesotans and visitors who do not have the type of boat necessary to navigate the big lake. Opportunities for shorefishing are limited as well, especially for people with disabilities.

The McQuade Small Craft Harbor was completed this summer. Besides fishing piers, the facility offers a three-plus acre harbor where small craft can find shelter from storms, three ramps for boat launching and retrieval, a kayak launch, make ready docks, and a public space.

For more information on McQuade, other small craft harbors on Lake Superior, and additional fishing opportunities, visit the DNR Web page at


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