Fishing Report - 4-23-08

The Big Rain Monday night really brought the rivers up - way up. With the rivers very dirty and high it seemed that fishing would be good by today. Not the case. A couple of the staff ventured North and fished hard Tuesday and today. We caught one nice looper Tuesday and that was it. This was the only fish that we had seen caught.

Today (Wednesday) the rivers started clearing up and were totally fishable. The conditions and weather were great. the only fish. We fished a couple of rivers today with zero success. Not a single angler we spoke to or saw had caught fish. This is 40+ anglers! Note too that we are only reporting from the Baptism south.

Our take: With rains expected Thursday and Friday we estimate the next couple of days fishing should start improving. For the weekend angler, this could be the weekend...assuming the fish and weather cooperate.

Tight lines to all.


Anonymous said…
Heh, but neither ever seem to...particularly the weather!

Thanks for the great site, it has been a vital tool in getting me ready this spring for my first year on the north shore! The fly box section has been invaluable throughout the winter getting my arsenal prepped for the season!

All the best,
Nick Simonson

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