It is time to fish...

The North Shore rivers are finally starting to shed some ice, and this warm spell that is expected should help the rivers continue to open up.

Reports of fish in rivers near Duluth have been increasing over the last few days, but many rivers are still very cold and the fish aren't terribly active. With the possibility of rain this week, we may see some high unfishable rivers for a day or two. The plus side is the rain should help clear out the snow and ice, allowing the rivers to warm up and start taking bigger runs of fish.

Egg patterns are a standard producer on the shore, but bugs will take fish as well- especially when the rivers are running high and dirty. Don’t be afraid to open up your fly box a bit. Oh, and if you are not sure on what flies to use, visit our fly book page. If you are not into tying your own flies or just don’t have the time, visit our friend at Great Lakes Fly Company right in Duluth. These guys will set you up with some nice patterns and give you a little fishing advice as well.

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