The Rivers are open!

At least most rivers are, we have yet to hear from the Cascade on North. A few fish are being caught on the southern Rivers - Lester, Sucker, Knife...etc.

The heat wave last week did a great job of getting thing going however, this past weekend brought another bought of winter. "All I could do was tie flies and stare out the window" says Murph, one of our field staffers. "We got about 12" in Two Harbors in that last snow storm" he added.

Early in the week we stopped at the Sucker and noticed a few guys fishing. Fish had been caught but nothing while we were there. All rivers visited were in good shape..a little dark but, in good fishing shape.

Most anglers were drifting using spawn and bright yarn flies while drifting pools and deep runs. The river mouths visited were in good shape for those interested in casting in the Big Lake.

With the colder than usually weather this weekend, fishing is expected to be slow & cold. Water temps are still below ideal and are not expect to rise much over the weekend. With that said, you can't catch fish sitting on your couch!

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Tuesday 4-4-07 - Two Harbors Area


Anonymous said…
Caught a nice chrome Male on the Knife in the early afternoon today with my son; got great photos. 22" Long, Cream colored Tag (hands were way to cold to try and get the number off it). Clown Egg in the gut of a pool in about 4-5 ft of water. Water temp said 38. It was really cool keeping the fish out from under the ice shelfs and such to keep from getting sawed

See you on the water,

Honkerhammer said…
My previous post was from Easter Sunday - 4/8/07
MNSteelheader said…
Fishing pressure was very light this past weekend - not much action with the recent onset of old man winter. Most of the rivers visited had some serious ice issues. The frigid temperature at night and below normal highs during the days have put an abrupt halt on any sort of serious Steelhead run. Anglers that are out braving the cold are mostly fishing around river mouths. Not much for fish tales as of Sunday 4-8-07

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