Did you Know? There there other game fish opportunities.

Did you know that there are several other game fish species in the Minnesota waters of Lake Superior? The most popular of these are  Walleye, Lake Sturgeon, and Muskellunge.

Anglers catch other species incidentally while pursuing steelhead salmon and trout; however, these fish are unlikely to produce viable targeted fisheries in Lake Superior. We see northern pike, smallmouth bass, and walleye caught incidentally nearly each year during spring and fall trout and salmon migration runs.

If you are interested in pursuing Walleye, Lake Sturgeon, or Musky, your efforts may be best suited in the St. Louis River Estuary.  These 3 species spend more time inhabiting and reproducing in these waters than in the big water.

Have you caught any interesting non trout or salmon in our North Shore rivers of  Lake Superior recently?  We would enjoy seeing your catches, please feel free to share!

Tight lines to all this spring, fishing time is here!


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