Did you know?

We are starting a new segment called "Did you know?"  The idea is to provide further clarity to some never ending questions, enlighten anglers on some interesting facts, and share some great tips, techniques and other interesting tid bits.

The information won't stop at steelhead. We will provide interesting fishery-wide insight and info.  Have an idea?  shoot us an email!

We plan to start off bi-weekly for starters, who knows maybe we will go nuts and wind up with regular weekly posts!

Did you know?
In 2012 (study date), approximately 95,870 trout stamps were sold in Minnesota. Trout stamps cost  $10 each, for a total of $958,700 in stamp sales. Trout stamp funds go into a dedicated account and are used to help support the extra costs required to manage the cold water fisheries in Minnesota.


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