Steelhead Genetics Project Notice and Information Request

Do you have steelhead scales to turn in from steelhead fishing this spring?  If so, DNR Migratory Fish Specialist Nick Peterson needs your help!

The Lake Superior Area Fisheries Office would appreciate it if you could return any remaining scale samples you have as soon as possible. They would like to get the data compiled and the scales sent to the genetics laboratory in St. Paul. 

They are also asking for feedback from all who participated this spring. If you DID NOT collect any samples but have a collection permit, please let them know this as well, it will help with the analysis. In addition to letting them know regarding the above, they are asking for responses to the following questions to improve the program:

  • Is there anything that DNR and/or MN Steelheader could do (or provide) to make it easier for anglers and help us to improve participation throughout the season?  
  • Did you find it easy/hard to collect scales from steelhead?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks on how to collect scales to share with other anglers in the project?
All responses along with any remaining scale samples are greatly appreciated and should be sent to:
Nick Peterson | Migratory Fish Specialist
Lake Superior Area Fisheries Office
5351 North Shore Drive
Duluth, Minnesota 55804
Tel. (218) 302-3272 
Area Office Number: (218) 302-3265
Lake Superior Area Fisheries Office Information


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