Steelheaders are a unique breed.  Not many who try it will stick with it and of those who do, very few are women.  It is a tough sport for anyone regardless of their gender, and organizations such as Minnesota Steelheader play a pivotal role in the success of many novice anglers who are just starting out. 

Rainbow trout anglers encounter unique challenges in their quest for Steelhead and Kamloops on Minnesota’s North Shore and while the general issues are addressed very well by Minnesota Steelheader and like groups, support networks available  specifically to women are virtually nonexistent. 

Minnesota Steelheader’s new women’s program Women on the Fly, is on a mission to change that.  As an avid female North Shore angler myself, I’m familiar with the issues women face on the water.  From the comical scenarios such as trying to piddle in the woods while outfitted in waders and full rain gear, to the aggravating circumstance of being the target of an inappropriate comment by another fisherman, it’s important to know that you have a network of women you can turn to who understand and can relate.  It’s time we have a place where ladies can go to find information specific to them, powered by women, empowered for women.

Minnesota Steelheader: Women on the Fly is that place.  Women on the Fly will provide information on women-specific gear, technical articles, events, programs, advice and contact information.  Any questions you may have will come directly to and be answered by, a fellow fisherwoman.  Our ultimate goal with Women on the Fly is to provide great information, help educate and become the most dependable resource for North Shore women anglers’. We want to get women comfortably on the water, help them build the confidence and skills necessary to sustain their success as anglers on the North Shore and to be their place to ask questions, get advice, share stories and to support one another. 

Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be posting on the Minnesota Steelheader Blog and getting a women’s gear/equipment list together to ensure you are adequately outfitted for the fast approaching Steelhead run. We have plenty more in store so be sure to keep an eye on Women on the Fly’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/womenontheflyms.  We’ll also be posting new updates, information and articles on http://minnesotasteelheader.blogspot.com/.

Tight lines and safe travels,


Minnesota Steelheader Board Member

***If you have any ideas for future subject matter, have questions or concerns, need current condition updates or just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at womenontheflyms@gmail.com


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