Preliminary Trap Results

    Just some preliminary trap information. One of the things I discovered early on in my quest to better understand North Shore fishing was that simply plotting trends just wasn't well, understandable....

    It's not that it doesn't provide good information, in fact trends are where you see those granular details and interactions between temperature, flow and fish movement. However it's not quite as intuitive as the weekly analysis format I finally put together; so here's the combined Knife/French trap numbers in that format:

    Overall there are a couple things to note: Once again you can see that things really don't get rolling until after the upstream temperature intitiation thresholds are met. Flow averages this spring were crazy-high throughout the run, and most definately had an effect on fish movement throughout. But again, the weekly format filters out the granular so that you can see the big picture better.
    And speaking of the big picture - I don't get as concerned with the actual totals of fish numbers with respect to the charts from year to year. The whole point is to better understand those temperature, flow and fish interactions as a whole as opposed to the overall numbers returning to creel and trap; but we have had a very odd year. 
    Rather than do a bunch of speculation here, a recent Duluth News Tribune artical covers the topic pretty well: Rainbow run riddle: Where are the trout?
Last item: there are still fish available and fishing to be had, so don't hang it up yet!
More to come-


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