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    Latest Creel Project updates:

    Things have pretty well wound down on the Lower and Mid Shores although there are still probably a few fish around. You're really going to have to work for any remaining fish there.

    Upper Shore, hard to say. It has undoubtedly turned the corner, problem is there are very few folks out fishing, and even less reporting so the numbers are likely lower than reality. MS got our last report a couple days ago, but that person hooked four, landed three and one bonus coaster fishing only two tribs. One of the hens was dropping eggs so you be the judge.

    At any rate, here it is. Dailies from the Mid and Upper coming soon:



steelhd said…
so taking into account that this years creel survey people were extremely lazy, (was within 25 easy walking yards from them on three different middle and upper shore rivers an wasn't talked to once) and the creel numbers are missing the counts of 4 people and there double digit fish totals at minimum, what does this tell us?
steelhd said…
since i know the creel numbers are light (saw creel survey people on 3 different rivers and none of us were talked to and we all had respectful numbers of hook ups and fish landed)

What is this telling us other then when the most people were surveyed, the fishing trends to be better
NMF said…

Fair question. Lets leave all the havy mathematical lifting aside for now such as running regressions etc.

Fundamentally MS is simply trying to get a better picture of what the runs look like: When they typically start, peak and end, for the various regions of the Shore.

At a very basic level, 1000 people can be out fishing both before and after the runs are done, but they won't catch fish which are not there. While the run is on, people are going to catch fish at varying rates. The point is to capture the data so you can start to do some meaningful analysis. No data, nothing to analyze.

Once the data is captured, particularly once you have a meaningful sample size over many years, you can start to develop a picture of the typical start, peak and end dates. Run the numbers agains flow and temps and you can start to see and understand the relationships between returns and the influences of flow/temps.

For the veteran who can get out and fish every day, probably doesn't matter. For the person who has to plan and travel, the person new to the fishery with a million questions, or for those who just want to understand more, it's good stuff.

As for missing creel data? That gets into a heavy-duty discussion on statistical anlysis, algorithms, etc. We can go there if you really have an interest.

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