Adopt-A-River Cleanup

A big thank you to all those who helped this past weekend with our Adopt-A-River Cleanup along the Sucker River, it is looking good - cleanliness wise.

Out efforts Saturday morning removed approximately 50 pounds of trash, less than half of what we removed last year.  We attribute this reduction in junk primarily on our efforts getting the trash barrels removed from the parking lot, as well as other locations up and down the shore.

Last year we had determined that the trash barrels that have been placed witin the parking lot were actually part of the problem.  Hard to believe right?  They are suppose to collect trash making the area a cleaner place.  Wrong.  What they did is collect visitors trash in recepticles that must have looked like salad bowls to or furry friends.  Visitors were dumping household waste, camping trash, and a whole boatload of beverage containers.  Our thought is that wilderness areas, such as the Sucker river, are not ideal locations for state and county agencies to collect trash.  Our feeling is if you had room to bring it, you have room to take it.

We determined that if trash must be collected at rest and hiking areas along the north shore, then all trash receptacles need animal proof covers - period.  Last year we gathered approximately 50 pounds of garbage in the parking lot alone.  Judging by what we collected it was obvious that most f the trash was probably in the trash barrel first, latter being removed by a furry friend.

Today we are excited to say that the Sucker River is clean, really clean.  This is largely impart to our cleanup efforts, the county's removal of the trash barrels and conscientious anglers like you who pick up what they see on the water.


Wow, garbage cans being the problem not the solution, thats a new way of looking at it- Great job!

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