2012 - River Clean up is scheduled

The 2012 North Shore Steelhead season is fast approaching and so with it is our Annual River Clean Up. For those of you not familiar with our involvement in this program, Minnesota Steelheader adopted the Sucker River in 2011 through the Minnesota DNR Adopt-A-River program. You can read previous posts to find out more details on why we selected the Sucker River. In short it is a good fishery with a lot of traffic and trash.
Our commitment continues this year with another clean up weekend. We are sticking with the 1st Sunday in May. We meet late morning in the parking lot and spend an hour or so, depending on volunteers, cleaning up as much shoreline and parking area as possible. We will post more details on this as we get a few fine details ironed out.

As most of you know, Minnesota Steelheader started as a virtual online organization. We do not currently have any formal membership rather a "floating" group of web, social media, event and streamside followers, we also provide a great deal of email advice to fellow anglers. With that said, the "we", "you" and "our" that you see in this post refer to all of us - including you! All of you steelhead anglers, novice and experts alike, that believe in our mission, are virtual members of Minnesota Steelheader. Your feedback, interaction, and involvement is encouraged and appreciated!

As you plan your 2012 North Shore Steelhead trips, our staff encourage you to set some time aside on May 6th to help give back a little to this great fishery by joining up in our River Clean Up Program. We will also continue the Saturday evening happy hour meet and greet. Last years was a lot of fun - great fish reports & tales, relaxing camaraderie, and good suds. More details to follow on the event... stay tuned!


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